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Pro Trading Tip #2: Easy Way To Find Oversold Coins

A smart trader not only knows how to make the most of oversold opportunities but also how to easily find these oversold opportunities.

In the last Blog Post you were shown an easy way to buy when the coin was oversold to maximise your profits.

This Blog Post shows you how to find the coins easily that are oversold without having to go through each coin manually.

Firstly you need access to "Trading View". This is a must have trading tool that shows all coins on all exchanges with charts and measurement tools.

You can get a free version of Trading View but it has limitaitons and i dont know if it has this functionality that i am going to talk to you about.

To find all the coins that are currently trending in an oversold price go to:

Trading View ---> Crypto Screener ---> Filters (search RSI) then enter the RSI that you would like to find, for eg. 20 or 30.

This will list all the coins that are currently in an oversold state.

Then check out the previous Blog Pro Tip #1 to find out how to scale in to buy these oversold coins and happy profits.

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