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Show Me The Money!! WABIBTC 35% Gains In 24 Hrs

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Show me the money!! WABIBTC 35% gains since yesterday (Trade Setup #15). This is a perfect example of how this Trading Blog works.

Only high potential trades are posted here with instructions on if and when to buy , as you can see from the above chart there was a breakout and a retest of the downward sloping support line and then a 35% pump to the upside = money in the bank!!!

Not all the trades posted meet the criteria to Buy so we just move on to the next trade, but the trade setups that meet the criteria can show awesome profits as you can see.

Make sure to check out the Starters page on this website for how to make the most of these trade setups.

If you have not got a Binance Account then you can use the link below:

Binance Referral Link (50% Fee discount on trades)

Bitmex Referral (10% discount on Fees for 6 months)

Kucoin Link:

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