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Best Passive Crypto Investments

Warning!! Passive Incomes can be High risk!

Warning this page is for advanced Crypto Currency Traders and Investers; this is not a joke.

This page relates to Crypto Currrency Investments otherwise known  as "HYIP's" (High Yield Investment Platforms). They are a passive income stream and as such can contain risk. As the name suggests,the reward can be high but in this world it also can mean that the risk is high, and that is exactly the case with "HYIP's".

However.... there are rules that if you follow you can greatly increase your chance of success, these rules should be set in concrete and you must stick to these rules when investing in HYIPS ( I will get 
to these rules shortly).

But first , how does a HYIP work?

Put simply  a HYIP is a Crypto Platform that you invest an amount of crypto capital in, and each day you receive a return on your investment of greater than 1% until a certain level is reached ( for eg - 2 x your initial investment),at which time you need to reinvest to keep getting returns. The level of return can be anywhere between 1.25% and 5% per day. There are many HYIPs out there that promise higher returns but often they collapse and investers lose their investment.

The HYIPs that i have listed here are all ones that i am currently invested in and have made profits on and reinvested in.

I have done as much research on these platforms and who runs them as possible and all the CEO's etc are visible to the public and are actively putting there reputations on the line. This is often the best way to deremine if a HYIP is a scam or legitimate. Usually the more the CEO and managers are known in the Crypto space , the more legit the platform.

So now we know the big picture lets get to the rules!


Break these rules @ your own financial peril:

1. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. (Always approach each investment with only amounts that will not hurt you finacially if the company disolves overnight. HYIPs are always risky no matter how much research
you do).For e.g if you invest $100 and the platform disolves overnight and you lose your investment. If that hurt you financially then do  not invest that amount , invest an amount that you are comfortable with.

2. Always do your own due diligence, do your own research. Just because i am investing in a platform does not guarnatee it will last forever. You have to treat this like a business not a game.

3. Withdraw your initial capital as soon as possible. You can usually withdraw earnings daily but sometimes people leave the returns on the platform for a few days or weeks and then withdraw in bulk. I do not recommend leaving profits on the platform , i recommend withdrawing asap. If a HYIP fails and you have 
investments still in the platform you will lose the investment.

4. Never recommend HYIPs to others until you expalain the above rules to them.

Good Luck and happy investing !

My Passive Trades Demo

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Bitdeer Review and Demo

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Diversity Fund Demo

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