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Welcome To The Starters Page

To  start , all you need is a free Binance Account to trade on (see link below):

Secure/Free Binance Link here 

Then go to Blog Posts and you can see the free trade setups.

Each trade setup has some instructions on when to buy and an estimated profit target for that particular coin.

The Trading Strategy is as follows:

These trade setups are based on Breakout Trading.

Each trade setup in the Blog will show an upper resistance line (See example below).

If the price action breaks out above this line and the candle body closes above this line with volume then the coin can be bought. If these factors are not met then no trade is entered into. As the diagram above shows , there are 3 possible times to enter a trade:
1) On the initial breakout.

2) When the price has broken out and then retested down to the line again.

3) When the price has broken out and retested and then has bounced higher than the original breakout.

 Also it is vital that a stop loss is set for every trade that you make in case the trade goes against you, then your risk is limited. (Stop losses are up to the individual , but tight stop losses of 5 - 10 % are common).


This was a very profitable trade (approx 35% profit).

The instruction was to buy the breakout of the white downward sloping resistance line, with volume.

As you can see there was a breakout and then a retest and bounce , then the price pumped , this is textbook for the type of trade this website is trying to achieve.

If the price had not have broken above that white downward sloping resistance line, then no trade would have been entered and we would have moved on to the next profitable looking trade setup.




















Pro tip #1 --  Learn how to use "Trading View" to create alerts that will tell you when the price breaks                                                 out etc. This means that you don't have to sit there all day and watch the prices.



 Pro tip #2  -- Log in to this website and automatically get emailed the latest trade setups as they                                                        happen. Not all trade setups happen straight away , some can take hours or even days,                                                  but sometimes the coins are on the move even as the setup is posted.

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